Unified series instant noodles overnight snack instant noodles

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Health concept: Some unified bag noodles products emphasize the use of non-fried flatbread, reduce oil intake, and add a variety of vitamins and minerals to highlight the health concept.
High-quality raw materials: Unified bag noodles pay more attention to the selection of materials, such as the selection of high-quality wheat flour, real meat or vegetables, to improve the overall quality of the product.
Exquisite packaging: The packaging design of the unified bag surface is usually more attractive, and sometimes a limited edition packaging design will be launched to enhance the attractiveness of the product.
Convenience: As with other fast food items, uniform bags can be made quickly, providing an instant meal solution for consumers in a hurry.
Easy to store and carry: The packaging design of the unified bag surface is convenient to store and carry, suitable for eating in a variety of occasions, such as outdoor activities, office emergencies, etc.
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