Wangwang Snow Cake Xianbei 52g snack biscuit puffed snack food

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Unique taste: Want Want Senbei is loved for its light, crunchy puffed rice cakes and crispy surface. The texture makes you eat mouthful after mouthful.

Seasoning powder: Want Want Senbei surface is sprinkled with seasoning powder, such as chicken juice, barbecue, tomato and other flavors, these seasoning powder makes Senbei more delicious.

Portable packaging: Want Want Senbei uses independent small packaging, easy to carry and share, suitable for various occasions to enjoy.

Nutritional value: Want Want Senbei uses rice as the main raw material and is rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber, which is suitable for snacks or snacks between meals.

Match with other products: Want Want Senbei can be eaten with other foods such as milk and yogurt to increase taste and nutrition.

Shelf Life:Month