Hongyuan candy hard candy candy batch entertain children small snacks

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Rich aroma: Tangerine Peel sugar selected high-quality tangerine peel as raw materials, after boiling and refining, preserved tangerine peel unique fragrance and sweet taste. Chinese herbal ingredients: Tangerine Peel with spleen appetizer, the effect of regulating qi dampness, so tangerine peel sugar is not only delicious, there are certain health effects. Taste unique: compared with other candies, tangerine peel sugar has a unique taste, is different from the sweet and sour fruit sugar, but also different from the rich chocolate, to bring a different taste buds experience. Resistant to eat not tired: Tangerine Peel sugar taste glycol, eat up will not be too sweet and greasy, let a person eat can not stop.

Shelf Life:Month