Infinite love spicy Roast neck 8 small packages of spicy roast chicken neck Dormitory snack is better than duck neck

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Selection exquisite: Infinite Roast chicken neck selection of fresh high-quality chicken neck meat, ensuring the freshness of raw materials and taste. Unique salting technology: the use of exclusive secret salting formula, the chicken neck marinade flavor, so that roasted chicken neck more fresh and juicy. Roasts the technique: uses the unique roasts the technique, causes the chicken neck under the high temperature to quickly lock the moisture, maintains the meat quality tender smooth, simultaneously causes the surface to present the fragrant crisp taste. Spice match: in the roasting process, add a variety of spices, so that the chicken neck emitting an attractive aroma, increase appetite. Rich Taste: infinite rotisserie chicken neck skin crispy, succulent meat, bite can feel fragrant, tender, crisp multiple taste. Nutritional value: chicken neck meat is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, with the effect of nourishing health

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