Infinite bag of whole spiced duck leg casual snack spiced duck leg 85g

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High-quality raw materials: select high-quality duck leg meat, after careful cooking, to ensure the freshness and taste of ingredients, so that consumers eat at ease.

Unique Secret Marinade: the use of exclusive secret marinade formula, the duck leg stew until the flavor, so that each mouthful is full of full-bodied braised flavor.

Color, aroma and taste: braised duck legs bright red color, aroma overflowing, attractive appetite, let a person aftertaste endless. Nutrient-rich: duck leg meat rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, with the effect of nourishing health.

Collocation is diverse: infinite braised duck leg can collocation many kinds of food ingredients, such as vegetable, rice, noodles and so on, satisfy different consumer's taste demand.

Buy ready-to-eat: infinite braised duck legs to provide on-site cooking, consumers can buy at any time and place steaming braised duck legs, convenient and quick.

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