ROSE GORGEOUS FOR WOMEN Eau De Parfum Natural Spray 100ML

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This captivating perfume is a delightful blend of sweet and floral scents that will make you feel confident, alluring, and unforgettable.

The fragrance features a unique combination of rose petals, jasmine, and musk, creating a sensual aroma that is both feminine and sophisticated. With its long-lasting formula, ROSE GORGEOUS will keep you feeling fresh and enchanting throughout the day and night.

Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or enjoying a casual day out, ROSE GORGEOUS is the perfect scent to elevate your confidence and style. Its elegant fragrance will draw people closer to you, leaving them in awe of your charm and beauty.

ROSE GORGEOUS is more than just a perfume, it's an embodiment of your innermost self - bold, daring, and unapologetically gorgeous. Let it become your signature scent, and elevate your personality and style to new heights.



  • Volume: 100ML
  • Fluid Ounce: 3.4 FL.OZ.
  • Fragrance Type: Eau De Parfum
  • For Women